Psych Blues A // ISO400 120mm

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Psych Blues A
・120 medium format film
・Fresh rolls of Kodak Portra fogged by hand
・ISO 400
・C41 Process
・Each canister has been stamped with the roll’s fog date and the film’s expiration date


以下 Dustin Adamsによる解説です

Psych Blues 120 A is the first 120 film in the Psych Blues family. I’ve put hundreds, probably thousands of hours into this film, and I am very happy to finally be releasing it. This is on the more mellow side of my experimental films, but I think it’s a good place to start with the 120 family and is an overall really fun film to shoot. There are red and blue light leaks throughout the roll, sometimes mixing together to make a nice pink, and a few spots of green light.

The look of this film can really change depending on lighting conditions and what you’re metering for. If you’d like a heavier effect, shoot it in lower light or meter for your highlights. If you want something more mellow, shoot it in bright sunlight or try metering for the shadows. If you prefer to put your camera on auto and not think about metering, that’s cool too, the film will still produce some fun results.

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¥4,500 税込